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Culture Hacker of the Week – Radiohead

Thom Yorke and Radiohead delete their internet presence in anticipation for the release of new album #BurnTheWitch.

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Subculture of the week – psychedelia & psychonauts

Sensory and Sleep Deprivation, Fasting, Isolation Tanks, Hypnosis, Hallucinogenic drugs, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. Modern Psychonauts adventure around in an altered states of consciousness.

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Culture Hacker of the Week – Beyoncé

The Queen B poured an ice cold class of Lemonade over the weekend by dropping an entire visual album with some very strong messages.

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Roll it, Lick it, Smoke it

The true, false, and fucking funny myths around 420 debunked.

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In this installment of “V I B E S” we take a look at Bixel Boys, the LA based DJ’s who refused to be defined by one sound and fueled their creative endeavors through telling a story rather than simply creating a beat. Bixel Boys... read more

V I B E S – Pr0files

In this installment we take a look at Pr0files, an electronica band living in sunny, yet twisted, California. Pr0files songs touch on anything from sex addiction, to hypnotherapy and love.

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