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This is subculture

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A Lesson in Practical Demon Keeping

An original 360 fashion short featuring Sam Evans.

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Sexuality in Horror Films

While it was extremely hard to find any sexual innuendos in films that were made pre-1950’s, it is found in almost every modern horror film that is made today.

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Culture Hacker – Taylor Swift’s Neo-Nazi Fanboys and Girls

Taylor Swift has amassed a niche neo-nazi fanbase that has spread memes with her image recontextualized with Hitler quotes.

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Narcocorrido – Sub Culture

If you are head of a Mexican drug cartel, you really do have your very own customized theme song.

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10 Underrated Movies from the 90’s

This week on our 90’s spotlight, I break down 10 of the most underrated movies from the decade.

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